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Drum Manuscript Paper, specifically designed for drummers, teachers and students, is the most unique musical manuscript book of its kind. Introducing the Groove Notation System tm, where hi-hat / ride cymbal notes are placed on staves allowing you to compose your own original beats, patterns and grooves.

Using the Groove Notation System tm, you will save time writing exercises and transcribing rhythms while having the ability to create advanced beats and patterns by adding notes, stems, beams and rests to form your own grooves. Create your own personalized practice routines, transcribe your favorite grooves or build your own drum charts with the building blocks provided.

This book features eight staves with convenient tear-out perforated pages. These pages are filled with quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, and triplet patterns in 4/4 time, presented in one, two and four bar phrases.

In addition, the 40 PAS Rudiments are included as a reference to work into your grooves, along with a drum set notation legend and a simple lesson on how to properly write note heads, stems and beams allowing you to notate accurately.


– Groove Notation Time Saving System tm

– Hi-hat / ride cymbal notes already placed on staves

– Create your own beats, grooves and practice routines

– Convenient perforated pages

– Basic notation lesson

– Blank stave pages

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